Washtenaw's 2022 Reunion


Our 2022 reunion will be held in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. No hotel accomodations have been arranged yet, but we are looking for a reunion begin date of September 19th, so mark your calendars! More info will be posted when known, but the following has been our standard protocol for past reunions:


Reunion registration:

Silent Auction: As has been our tradition at previous reunions, there will be a silent auction at the Thursday evening banquet dinner. We ask that you donate an item from your home state (aprox $15 value suggested). Items from past reunions have included food items (wine, honey, dates, nuts, etc.), Navy memorabilia (hats, coins, silverware, and boatswain whistle, etc.) and craft items. This activity serves as an ice-breaker before the banquet dinner, as shipmates and their guests try to outbid one another for these items. Proceeds from the auction are used to help pay for the entertainment at the banquet, and to defray reunion expenses. We have held this auction many times and have found it to be an enjoyable event as well as a great way to obtain a keepsake from the reunion.

We will continue our policy of inviting crew members of other LSR9 ships, including the LSMR's and IFS-1, and crew of any other LST's to attend our reunions. The idea is to bolster our attendance so we can negotiate better hotel rates. Joining the USS Washtenaw County Veterans Association is encouraged but optional for guest ship crew members!

Plan Of The Day:


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