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Washtenaw's original ship's bell on display, along with other items.
Larry Martin learning how to use Never Dull.
John Lucas
L to R seated - John Lucas, Bob Coombs, Mike Shaw. In the background
is Mrs. Tom Osmond talking to Bob Simpson and ??? with back to camera.
Melvin Vineyard
L to R - Larry Martin (holding Bob's ball cap), Gary Glanert, Bob Hatfield.
L to R - Greg Pierceall, Charlie Stevens, Paul Roberge.
Bob Coombs and John Lucas with the ship's bell.
L to R - Bob Coombs, Larry Martin, Paul Roberge, and ??? behind Paul.
Larry Martin and John Lucas. Larry served in the Army with the 82nd Airborne.
Plank owner Lawrence Langley.
Circa 1953 Washtenaw photo presented to the two plank owners,
along with an original piece of the ship (nut and bolt).
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