USS Washtenaw County Veterans Association

At a meeting held during our 2005 reunion in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, the USS Washtenaw County Veterans Association was voted into existence, and officers were elected. The purpose of the Association is to maintain and promote a strong and cohesive organization; to foster the spirit of goodwill among its members; to afford opportunities for communication, enjoyment, companionship, recreation and involvement among shipmates their families and friends; to perpetuate the camaraderie developed among those who have served in the United States Navy; and to preserve the ship’s prominent place in history as a highly decorated warship in the service of the United States of America. Reunion hosts should find it easier to deal with hotels and other organizations with the Association's backing. In the future the goal is for the Association to become a non-profit corporation (see update below).

Membership is open to all former crewmembers who served aboard the USS Washtenaw County and who were separated under honorable conditions, their spouses, and others who share the ideals of the Association. Family members of deceased crewmembers are certainly welcome.

At present annual dues are $25, which covers Association expenses, and is in lieu of a reunion registration fee. Non Association members desiring to attend reunions can expect to pay a higher registration fee. Please join to support the Association, and save a few bucks. To join just click on the link below for printable application, fill it out and mail with payment. If unable to print, a hand written application will work fine!

Our Association Treasurer, Jim Hopkins, is presently taking payments on line via PayPal. Log on to PayPal's "Send Money" page and enter in the Recipient's Email box. In the message box mention what your payment is for - association dues, banquet dinner, ship's store purchase, etc.

New 3 year dues payment option! At our 2008 association meeting a resolution was passed to create a new plastic ID card with photo of USS Washtenaw County with your name embossed, with payment of three years' membership dues in advance. Just pay $75 to join as a three year member!

07Mar07 Update
A message from Tom Osmond:

WE ARE NOW AN APPROVED TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATION for federal income tax and all donations to our organization are tax deductible for personal income tax filing purposes.

Tom adds that you may need to know the city and state of incorporation when filing your taxes, which is Warren, Michigan.

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